Giovanna Malacarne

Giovanna Malacarne

Artist and interior designer


Giovanna Malacarne is an artist and interior designer who lives and works in Milan, Italy.

Exhibiting my work

Whilst studying at the Brera Art College in Milan (liceo Artistico di Brera), she took part in an archeological excavation near Ravenna (see photo below), with the History of Art Professor Raffaele De Grada. It was this experience that really set alight Giovanna's passion for the world of art.

Archeological dig in Ravenna, Italy - date - undisclosed :-)

Giovanna completed her studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera with as a set designer and theatre costume designer, having gained a fascinating and valuable experience at Milan's world famous La Scala Theatre as set designer with Prof. Tito Varisco. During this time, she met Ugo Mulas, Bruno Munari, Alik Cavaliere and other leading figures in the art world, enriching her knowledge and experience.

In this same period, she also began a successful 4 year collaboration with the architecture studio Manca di Villahaermosa, developing an passion and an eye for interior design.

Continually developing her passion and awareness of art, she set up her own business. Ever more motivated and drive to follow her heart, her energy and enthusiasm brought her to explore the world of interior furnishing.

Creating an art panel

Today Giovanna's works can be found in elegant residences, offices of prestige, luxury resorts, hotels, public spaces - introduced not only in the form of traditional canvas paintings, but also as boiserie porte, ceilings, tables, made to measure furniture, as per commission. Art panels for bathrooms, kitchens, spas, health and fitness clubs and yachts are produced with a waterproof finishing.

The versatility, varied style and innovative designs of Giovanna's work is largely due to her continual experimentation with new techniques and a quest for new ways to express herself: plasma and textured materials, natural pigments, quartz, glass, sands, pastes, resins, semi precious stones and fragments of metal all add individuality and personality to her art and bring a myriad of decorative effects, lights and textures to any one piece of art.

Giovanna's studio in central Milan

Often drawing inspiration from the beauties of nature, Giovanna interprets art in a variety of ways; maybe abstract, or maybe with a touch of tradition; but always translated with a contemporary feel, to create atmosphere and intrigue.

Close contact with major labs and architectural studios in Italy and around the world have given Giovanna the passion and stimulation to perceive new perspectives of elegance and contemporary tastes for different cultures and ethnicities.

Through social networks and the internet she enjoys sharing her work and creativity, encouraged by her fans to present her story, her “works in progress” and the extraordinary final results.

Giovanna Malacarne

Giovanna Malacarne

Artist and Interior designer
Milan, Italy

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